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Clutchcraft.in – By Ajeta Singh

Welcome to Clutchcraft.in, Clutchcraft greeted the world with its exclusive collection of handcrafted Clutches in July 2018.
As a stylist, I noticed how handbags and accessories had become less about a woman’s personal style and more about oversized logos, garish bling and signature patterns. I wanted to revitalize the marketplace, giving women the choice of chic, simple and tasteful designs. My goal is to create designs that will outlast any trend or fad. With a focus on clean, classic and utilitarian style and timeless design, It boasts premium materials, quality stitching and hand embroidery to give it that special touch. Clutches in India accessories have become the perfect fit for the Indian woman on-the-go. Clutchcraft also delights in personalizing clutches to suit your desires. We love indulging your special requests so we can create for you, bespoke clutches that reflect your personality and match your style.


Clutchcraft.in is a marketplace for a wide range of high-end, designer ladies Clutches, we are manufacturer, supplier and exporters We are the one of the top destination for handcrafted trendy cluthes in India. Our range is exclusively selected and is meticulously handcrafted keeping Trends and season in mind. We Provide hassle-free shopping to our shoppers and new offers on a daily basis for our customers

Please write to us directly  if you have any feedback, questions, concerns or suggestions. 

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Meet Our Team

    Ajeta Singh
    Ajeta Singh
    Founder & Designer

    Ajeta is alumnus of JD institute of Fashion Technology, she has worked with premier retail companies of fashion, lifestyle products & Home furnishings, she is a impaneled designer with O/o DC Handicrafts and Handloom, Ministry of textiles and also worked on various handicraft projects and workshops. Her passion lies in Crafts, Music and Traveling to undiscovered locations of the world.

    Nitin Kumar
    Nitin Kumar

    Nitin Kumar is a fashion design graduate from NIFT, with 18 years of rich experience in fashion designing, visual merchandising and marketing he has worked with many retail brands and also a Impaneled designer with O/o DC Handicrafts, Ministry of Textiles, he has worked on various handicraft projects and workshops across Northern part of India and Gujarat. He loves food, traveling and photography.

Our Customization Process
How we design

Our advantages

For a customer, we ensure that every need of the customer is taken care with ethical business policies & Competitive pricing
A simple passion drives us - every design should do more than just look good. Each motif, each pattern, like the stones of ancient Varanasi, has a story to tell
We like to give our customers a personalized experience by making their clutches according to their requirements.
We make & Sell clutches for every occasion and so like to keep our customers stress free from its maintenance.
We are fanatic about making sure that the range is of a consistently high standard. We don’t settle for ‘ok’. Our job is to satisfy you and we’re only satisfied if you are.