Elevate Your Style With Our Handpainted Madhubani Pink clutch


🔆 Clutch Size: 6×8 inches
🔆 Fabric: Tussar
🔆 Long Sling

Colour : Pink

Dispatch can take 3-5 working days.



In a recent fashion revelation, a stunning creation has taken the accessory world by storm. Crafted with precision and imbued with cultural richness, the Pure Tussar Handpainted Madhubani Clutch has emerged as a true masterpiece.

The clutch, measuring 6×8 inches, showcases the epitome of elegance and artistry. Crafted from the finest Tussar fabric, known for its luxurious texture and natural sheen, this clutch is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship.

The highlight of this masterpiece lies in its handpainted Madhubani artwork. Originating from the Mithila region of India, Madhubani art is celebrated for its intricate motifs, vibrant colors, and rich cultural heritage. Each stroke on the clutch narrates a story, making it a captivating piece of wearable art.

The long sling adds functionality to the clutch, offering versatility in carrying options. Whether draped elegantly over the shoulder or held as a chic hand accessory, the Pure Tussar Handpainted Madhubani Clutch exudes sophistication and charm.


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