Mango Wooden Box With Pink Rose Print On Fabric


Mango Wooden Box With Pink Rose Print On Fabric

➡ Full body is made of Mango Wood
➡ Waist Length Sling Chain Included
➡ Printed Fabric in front
➡ Designer Branch Shape Knob & Magnetic Closure
➡ Size : 7.5x5x2 inch
➡ Light Weight
➡ Can fit phones of almost all sizes
➡ One side printed fabric & other side plain wood

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This rectangle clutch box full body Made out of mango wood with beautiful red flower  and yellow colour flower print on fabric which gives clutch beautiful natural and premium look. This clutch is made for only Perfect for those who love traveling in nature and who want Premium fashion that is always as beautiful as it is elegant?
red flowers with green leaves and beautiful flowers and branch this print on fabric on front side of clutch gives natural look to the wooden clutch surface of the mango wooden clutch box inner pocket and waist length sling with big compartment for mobile and other makeup material .box have magnetic closure with designer branch shape knop which gives nice look to wooden clutch box !
Make a amusing fashion announcement while you shop and invest in a luxurious accessory that is made to last! Order the Digital handcrafted Fashion Women’s mango wooden rectangular clutch box now


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