Rajwada Clutch Collection – Where Tradition Meets Trend with Sling Silver Color Brass


🔆 Sling Brass : Rajwada Collection
🔆 Sling Chain Included
🔆 Both Side same Design on Clutch

Colour : Silver



Introducing our Sling Silver Color Brass Rajwada Clutch Collection from the illustrious Rajwada Collection, a fusion of opulence and timeless sophistication.

Crafted from the distinguished Sling Silver Color Brass Rajwada Clutch Collection exudes an air of luxury and refinement. The intricate design graces both sides, presenting a captivating visual from any angle.

Our One-of-a-kind Cutch From Clutch Craft Will Make A Statement. Rajwada Clutch , It’s Our Premium Range. This thoughtful addition provides you with the freedom to wear it in a manner that complements your unique style.

Elevate your ensemble with the Sling Silver Color Brass Rajwada Clutch Collection from the Rajwada Collection—an accessory that exudes confidence and grace, reflecting your distinctive sense of style.


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